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European Patent AttorneyEuropean Patent Attorneys Helping You

Our focus is assisting American (USA) attorneys, and their clients secure the best possible patent protection in Europe (the EU) at reasonable cost.  This is not a sideline or something that gets pushed aside or shunted to junior lawyers.  This is our primary business.

We take the worry out of European patents

The European patent system is different from the American.  We understand why you might find it confusing, complex, and intimidating.

However as Europe is a big market, and the European patent system very strong, your clients can benefit greatly from protecting their rights in the European Union (EU).

The crux is achieving that goal with minimal stress and grief.  That is where we come in.  We are your trusted coach and navigator, guiding you through this foreign system.

Expertise you can trustEuropean Patent Office

We are experts in securing European patents which claim priority from US applications, whether as a direct filing under the Paris Convention or a PCT regional phase filing.  We can assist you with every step of this process from filing, through prosecution, and validation (and coming soon, unitary patents), and because we understand the ins-and-outs, and the relationship between the US and EP systems, we can help you navigate the European patent system as quickly and effectively as possible at reasonable cost.

For best results, we strongly recommend that you provide us with the claims and description well prior to the filing deadline.  We will make recommendations to align your claims and description with EPO (European Patent Office) practices to maximize your rights, and minimize the time and cost of prosecution.  Frequently we can assist clients save hundreds of dollars on the initial filing, simply be re-structuring the claims.  However, please note that this service cannot be provided with rush filings.

We make it simple for you

We make every aspect of European patents simple for you.

We simplify the process and the language.  We “translate” European practice into terms familiar to US patent agents/attorneys.

We are available during regular eastern business hours (New York/Boston) business hours.  You can call us toll free.

We bill in US dollars.  Whenever possible, we charge clear flat fees and provide budgets in advance which we stick to.

We accept payment by credit card (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX), PayPal, and wire transfer.

We are the best choice as your Portland European Patent Attorney.

Portland European Patent Attorney

We are European Patent Attorneys proudly serving Portland and area, including: Pearl District, Nob Hill, Lloyd District, Central Eastside, Belmont and Hawthrone


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