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Flat fees. Fair fees.

$5000 US at filing
All-inclusive for the initial filing including our fees and official fees
Ask for a fixed price quote.
Includes search & examination fees.
$2500 at filing
All-inclusive for the initial filing including our fees and official fees fees.
No extra fees.
Does not include the examination fees
which are due in 6 months.

Translucent Blue Dice With Dollar SignMore Details on Costs:

US $ or Euros

Generally, we bill in US $, but we will bill in the currency of your choice. The estimates above are based on $1.00 = 1.25 Euro. Please contact us for a detailed current quote.

Pay how you want

We accept payment by credit cards, PayPal, wire transfer, and check.

Flat Fees

Most of our services are provided on a flat fee basis (ie. a fixed cost, provided to you in advance). With our model, we quote you a flat fee up front for a particular service and we live by it. Our clients love the certainty of knowing what the fees will be, and we like the fact that we are incented to be efficient and effective (and not, as in the traditional model, rewarded for being slow and inefficient).

Our motto is ‘great service, reasonable fees’. We do not guarantee that we charge the lowest fees for Canadian trademarks. What we do guarantee is great service, great value and your complete satisfaction.

The total cost for most steps is composed of two separate costs:

  • The EPO fees (if any); and,
  • Our agency fees.

Exchange rates

The costs quoted above are approximate.  Please contact us for a current price quote which we will always honor for 60 days.

Claim Amendment Fees

EPO claims practice is quite different from USPTO claims practice. It is quite likely that we will recommend amendments upon filing to reduce official fees and to align your claims with European practices. We will provide details of the cost to make these amendments and the reason for making them with our quote. Failure to make amendments upon filing will substantially increase official fees and/or the cost of prosecution.

Our Full, Unconditional Money-back Guarantee

We are so certain that you will be delighted with our services that we offer an unlimited, no-questions asked, full money-back guarantee:

If you are not completely satisfied with any service that you have received from us, and we cannot fix the problem to your full satisfaction, then at any time within 90 days of payment for that service we will refund our fees for that service to you.

Simply call Neil Milton at 613.567.7824 ext 224, or send him an email at

Government fees paid are not usually refundable.

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